Community Members Rally to Help a Man in Need


Former Emery County Sheriff’s Office employee and long-time Emery County resident Dusty Butler recently reached out to his fellow community members with a request to give back.

Butler stated that, about four years prior, he met a gentleman that was homeless and living in his car during the cold winter. At that time, he took to Facebook to see if a place for him to stay could be found. From there, good friends were able to donate a trailer for the man and place it on a lot in Orangeville. Butler’s acquaintance has resided in the trailer successfully for the past four years.

However, the new owners of the park that the trailer is in have different plans and Butler began working to find him a new place to stay. This was accomplished; however, over the years, the trailer has fallen into disrepair. A space heater must be used, the roof leaks in areas and the water was not hooked up, making the pipes freeze in the colder weather.

With this in mind, Butler once again sought help through Facebook, asking if there was a trailer that anyone would be willing to donate. He stated that this gentleman has also been driving an old car with many miles on it. The man is on a fixed income and used to work for the state years ago. Since then, he has had serious medical issues and has been unable to work. Butler stated they were also looking to replace his vehicle.

“This time of year, Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas, it’s always good to try to help somebody out, but this year is even harder,” Butler stated.

Only a few days after making these requests, Butler announced that they had received an amazing outpouring of support from the community. Matt Holt, owner of Mr Automotive, wished to donate a vehicle to the gentleman and refused to accept any form of payment. Butler stated that the gentleman has never owned a vehicle so nice and is relieved to have reliable transportation as he travels to doctor appointments.

Following this, two of Butler’s neighbors, Nick and Chris Manning, informed him that they had a trailer they wished to donate to the gentleman, free of charge.

“The trailer is amazing and way more than we were hoping for. It will be such an nice upgrade for him,” said Butler.
He remarked that there are quite a few expenses that have came up, such as licensing the vehicle and purchasing supplies to hook up the trailer’s utilities. Butler assured that the money donated will pay for those items and any leftover funds will be put toward the upcoming utility bills. Butler thanked all for their generosity and assistance, stating he was not the one that deserved the recognition.
“I’m not the one to be thanking; it’s people like the Holts and Mannings and all of you guys. There are too many to individually thank on here, but I truly appreciate you,” Butler said. “I am grateful to live in the community that I do. During this depressing year, it’s nice to have a wonderful distraction like this to keep us all humble.”
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