Community Members Show Off Their Green Thumbs


The Carbon County Food Bank is not only home to cans, boxes and packages. Just across the parking lot lies a field dedicated to the Community Garden. The garden, which has been a part of the food bank for many years, recently hosted a community garden party to both prep and start the process of providing fresh produce to community members.

“We just want to be able to provide fresh produce and healthy food to clients who are in need of that,” expressed the food bank’s coordinator Julie Rosier. Rosier continued to explain how, in 2014, the garden produced 3,010 pounds of food and in 2015, 9,000 pounds were produced.

The goal this year is to double on that amount. To do so, however, much volunteer help is needed. Thus, on April 17, community members filled the garden preparing the land and planting the season’s first crops.

The garden also boasts more than just produce. It also is home to a high tunnel which, similar to a greenhouse, can offer a much milder temperature and help extend the growing season of produce as far into the year as November.

Coming soon to the garden will also be a raised bed for planting. This bed will allow those with back problems or physical disabilities to volunteer in the garden as well.

Any persons interested in volunteering at the garden are encouraged to contact Rosier or Geri Gamber, the program manager, at the Carbon County Food Bank at (435) 637-9232. Much help is needed for a variety of projects including tilling, weeding and harvesting.

The food bank is also willing to work with interested volunteers and set up times aside from business hours for the public to work in the garden.

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