Community Questions Helper City Council Candidates


Helper City residents were invited to a meet the candidates event on Thursday to gain a firsthand knowledge on those running for a position on the Helper City Council.

There are six candidates running and five were present for the event, including Jason Riffe, Michelle Goldsmith, David Dornan, Amanda Wheeler and Gary Harwood. Nathan Behn was not able to attend.

Each candidate had the chance to give a two-minute introduction before they were asked to individually answer a series of questions that had been submitted by community members. No questions from the audience were asked during the meeting, but attendees were invited to stay after and ask candidates specific questions.

The candidates were asked a number of questions about the community as well as service they’ve participated in throughout the past and projects they want to see in the future. Each candidate told of how they have been involved in serving the community for some time, some for many, many years. Each individual had their own personal experiences and ideas, some similar to others, but all want to see Helper continue to grow and improve in any way possible.

To end the meeting, each candidate gave a closing statement, sharing why they would like to be voted onto the city council. Gratitude was also expressed to those who attended and submitted questions.

The candidates each promised to stay involved in the community whether or not they are elected. The crowd and candidates then met in the foyer for conversation and extended questioning.

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