Community Rallies for Bruin Point Elementary’s Head Custodian


Kathleen Goodin has worked for Carbon School District for eight years. In 2010, she started work at Bruin Point Elementary, where she is now the head custodian.

“She does everything,” commented Bruin Point Secretary Ricki Palmer. “From cleaning to painting, she’s the go-to girl. We have had comments about our school, it is literally the cleanest school you will ever walk into.”

Principal Stacey Basinger furthered emphasized Goodin’s hard work. “She takes great pride in her job,” she said. “She creates an environment that allows us to be successful.”

While an exceptional work ethic is enough to be commended on, Goodin does it despite numerous medical issues that are plaguing her.

“I developed diabetes, type l, right after I had my last baby,” Goodin explained. “I found out I had kidney disease six years ago and my kidneys have just been deteriorating.”

She has been visiting a transplant team for a couple years now, trying to get her ducks in a row in order to be deemed acceptable to receive a kidney and pancreas.

“They put me on the transplant list in June and I have been climbing the list,” Goodin stated. “I still have things I need to do but I should be ready for a transplant by this summer or early fall.”

While she is moving up the list, there is still much to do in order to qualify for the transplant. Goodin explained that potential transplant recipients must complete a series of immunizations and blood work tests as well as have a colonoscopy and complete a stress test.

Despite poor health and various doctor visits, Goodin remains dedicated to her job at Bruin Point.

“She stays really positive,” Palmer said. “She never misses work. If she has to take a day off for tests or what not, she works extra hours earlier in the week to make up for it.”

With so many requirements that need to be completed before a surgery can be done, Goodin has to travel often for doctor visits. Then, there will be the cost of the surgery followed by several medications that ensure the transplant runs smoothly. With all of these expenses, staff at Bruin Point and community members decided it was time to give back to Goodin after all she has done for the school.

On May 2, a fundraiser will be hosted to raise money for Goodin’s medical expenses. The event will take place at Bruin Point Elementary from 5-7 p.m. and will feature a hotdog dinner, bake sale, raffle, silent auction and a fun run that includes a drawing for bikes, scooters and more.

“Community members have already been donating,” Palmer explained. “I got a check for $50 in the mail and I got stopped at church and two people gave me a fifty dollar bill.”

In addition to monetary donations, community members have rallied to donate items to the raffle, silent auction and bake sale.

“She’s amazed at how kind everyone has been,” Basinger said about Goodin. “That is what I love about this community, they really pull together when someone needs it.”

Goodin appreciates the help and support she has received from her school and plans on being there for many years to come.

“I love Bruin Point,” Goodin concluded. “This is where my heart is. The kids are just wonderful out here.”


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