Community Service Project a Purrfect Fit for One Carbon County Native


Photos courtesy of Carbon County Animal Shelter

As a drug court community service project, Carbon County local Nikki Sanchez proposed a plan that would tie her love for animals into the project.

“I came up with the idea because I love animals, so speaking with Doreen at the shelter I learned they were in need of cleaning supplies,” stated Sanchez.

Having worked on the project since May of this year, Sanchez received donations and money from community members within the past month. With the funds that were raised, the following was purchased and donated to the Carbon County Animal Shelter: 17 gallons of bleach, 16 bottles of Pine Sol, 18 bottles of window cleaner, four bottles of Spic and Span, three containers of Lysol wipes, 36 rolls of paper towels, 27 boxes of tissues, 210 large garbage bags, 59 dog toys, 41 cat toys, 21 dog collars, puppy pads, a small pet carrier and a large animal crate.

Anyone can donate items to the animal shelter by dropping items of choice off, or by calling the shelter at (435)636-3747 to see what items are needed.

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