Company Brings Curbside Recycling Services to Price


A company is aiming to bring convenient, affordable recycling to residents in Price through curbside services.

Recyclops is a company that recycles paper, cardboard, plastic (grades 1-7) and metal. Customers are able to bag their recyclables with no need to sort and place them on the curb for Recyclops to retrieve and process.

“We love teaming up with different cities to help community members, and we are thrilled about what’s to come in Price, Utah,” Recyclops shared.

The recycling program costs $10 per month or $110 per year. Pickup happens every two weeks with some adjustments for holidays.

Currently, Recyclops is not accepting glass, plastic grocery bags, hazardous material containers, electronics or plastic sheets, tarps or wraps. All accepted containers should be emptied before recycling.

For more information on Recyclops or to sign up for services, please click here or call (801) 709-1509.

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