Comprehensive Castle Country Trail System a Reality


Over a decade of effort has gone into assembling a comprehensive Castle Country Trail System for recreational use. The process was slow and painful at times. It is an ongoing effort that crosses state, federal, private and municipal properties.

Finally, a large piece of the trail system is officially in place and many new links are in the works. At this time the trail map shows the current multi-use sections. There are single-track bike trails and equestrian trails in the final stages of gaining approval and will be added as they are finalized.

A multi-use trail’s committee will be working on official trail names and a numbering system for ease of identification. A logo for the entire system is also being developed to go on signs.

Many of the trails identified in the system have been popular riding routes for county residents for a long time. There is an east-west trail system named the “Geezer Backbone,” which will be renamed the Castle Country Backbone Trail. Many routes will lead off that main system and eventually tie together to create hundreds of miles of riding, hiking, biking and horseback riding experiences.

Carbon County Commissioners approved Ordinance 454, regulating the use of off-highway vehicles on Carbon County Class B and Class D roads, which have worked through all approval processes to date. Copies of this map can be accessed online through the Carbon County GIS link or

As the numbering and naming system is finalized, maps will become available for public and tourist information. The Castle Country Trail System is expected to bring riders and recreationists from all over the country to enjoy what is in our own backyard.

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