Computer Virus Alert – Do Not Open


A virus infected spam email is being sent to many Emery Telcom subscribers.  The email displays as from “” and with a subject of “Past Due Invoice”.  The attachment is a zip file containing the “Artemis” Trojan horse virus.

The email is NOT from Emery Telcom.  The email address “” is invalid.  The actual message is coming from an external account (most likely a hacked end user account) from outside of our network.  Emery Telcom is currently  working on removal of the specific message from any of our customer accounts where the message has not yet been downloaded. 

For those who have opened the email attachment and were not already protected by an Anti-Virus program and now have an infected computer, you will need to remove the virus using one of many Anti-Virus applications available.  Emery Telcom’s Advanced Troubleshooting department can offer some general advice such as to which Anti Virus applications to use.  Those who need professional assistance can be assisted by John Singleton in Computer Repair/Service. Please call Emery Telcom at 613-9605 to reach advanced troubleshooting or John Singleton.

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