Concerned Citizens Seek Input from Castle Dale City Council


The Castle Dale City Council welcomed Mayor Van Wagoner back after a short illness at its meeting on Thursday.

Several matters were pending before the city council. Carl Jacobsen asked for clarification on the division of culinary hookups for the Esquire Estates Mobile Home Park as he is negotiating a sale of part of the park.

Charlene Rasmussen asked for a reduction of a water bill because of a large leak on some rental property she owns in the city. The leak has been fixed and the bill was current so the usual reduction was granted.

Kerry Lake, representing the Emery County School District maintenance crew, explained their concern about four months of large overages on the high school water bill. It was decided that the main meter at the high school needed to be studied before a decision could be made. Councilmen Giles and Lake and a representative from the Special Service District will meet together and look at the meter.

Meagan Wilberg from the Museum of the San Rafael requested help in getting repairs made so that the Pioneer Museum could be opened again. The council suggested that in order to defray additional charges, the artifacts need to be moved from an upstairs room to the conference room downstairs at the city hall. Wilberg will take the information back to the museum board for approval.

Ray Peterson, Emery County Public Lands Administrator, discussed acquisition of BLM property. He stated that there are at least eight islands of BLM property that could benefit different cities in the county. They are considering this as part of the Public Land Use Legislation.

The council passed two new ordinances. First, a short term commercial use ordinance and second, a shipping cargo container temporary ordinance. The latter being only temporary while further consideration is given to this issue.

Castle Daley City Fire Chief Ignacio Arrien informed the council of a possible consolidation of the fire departments in the county. This move is being considered because of the large reduction of mineral lease monies in the county.

Five new department member names were read and approved by the council. Other citizen concerns were building permit requirements for re-roofing or any other construction that covers more than 100 square feet. Also, open riding nights at the arena and the request for a change on the new city logo.

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