Congressman John Curtis Welcomed to Carbon Medical Service in East Carbon


Carbon Medical Service recently welcomed all to the opening of their brand-new building and location in Sunnyside. On Wednesday afternoon, the center also played host Congressman John Curtis.

Congressman Curtis and his team were treated to a tour of the new facility and an explanation of the way that the patients are treated as well as all that is available to those that visit the center, such as the pharmacy so conveniently located within the center, before sitting down for a meeting. Briefly discussed was the opioid epidemic and what the center does to assist with patients in the throes of addiction.

Providers were encouraged to obtain special DEA licenses in order to prescribe for addiction. Carbon Medical Service collaborates with Four Corners Behavioral Health, the Southeast Utah Health Department and more.

A discussion was also had on the impact of the economy. Carbon Medical Service currently has around 42 employees and are known as a huge economic engine for the area, with a nod being given to the Helper location as well. In attendance at this meeting where familiar faces such as Rita Vigor, Carbon County Economic Development Specialist, East Carbon Mayor David Avery, Carbon County Commissioner Casey Hopes and more.

“Please understand, from my perspective, how grateful I am,” the congressman expressed.

Congressman Curtis then spoke about his appreciation of those with their boots on the ground in rural Utah and stated that he would love to play a role moving forward. Next in the area for the congressman is the Rural Business Summit hosted at the Carbon County Senior Center on Friday, Sept. 5.

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