Conservationists Seek Helper City Input


Representative Ray Petersen from the Price Watershed Conservation District approached the Helper City Council Thursday night to encourage its input concerning conservation projects in the area. According to Petersen, the projects aim to conserve resources in the area with projects suggested by the community.

The district focuses on soil, water, air, plant and animal projects (SWAPA) and e + h projects (energy + human.) Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency is funding projects in the Colorado Basin. In order for the EPA to provide funds for conservation efforts, the Price Watershed Conservation District must submit a plan for its proposed projects.

Petersen requested Helper Council’s presence at a meeting regarding the plan later this month. The meeting will consist of representatives from the community to suggest ways that the area’s resources can best be conserved.

Also at the council meeting, discussion took place regarding markers for trails in Helper. Arnie Cooper from the OHV Group of Carbon County presented a possible sign that could mark as many as 40 trails. The signs were approved by the council and should be placed in designated areas in the next few months.

Lastly, the council altered an ordinance regarding feral cats. The ordinance now states that Helper residents cannot feed or encourage the housing of feral animals within 50 feet of city property.

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