Construction Continues For Emery Telcom


In an ongoing effort to enhance customer service, Emery Telcom continues construction throughout Carbon and Emery counties.

According to the company’s engineering department, fiber construction resumes this week in the north Price area known as the Coves. Crews will be working to run cable from the road to the curb of every residence in this region.

Emery Telcom recently conducted a pre-bid meeting with interested construction firms for the same fiber-to-curb upgrade in Kenilworth, west Helper, Martin and Spring Canyon. Construction will begin in these areas after a bid is accepted.

Jeff Keele from Emery Telcom’s construction department explained that crews will continue to splice a new long-haul fiber optic line from East Carbon junction to Woodside.

“The fiber optic line was installed last fall by Emery Telcom construction crews to increase reliability and bandwidth across the system,” he stated.

Expected to be completed this week is a cable television plant extension at Esquire Estates Mobile Home Park in Castle Dale. According to Keele, this extension will allow residents in lots 75 through 93 to receive new cable television services.

“This is part of an ongoing effort to rebuild, replace or extend the cable television service infrastructure,” he concluded.


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