Construction Updates Presented to Emery School Board


By Julie Johansen

The Emery School Board’s September meeting at San Rafael Middle School began at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday with a work meeting. All board members were present as well as Superintendent Ryan Maughan and Business Administrator Jackie Allred.

The Hornshadow Solar CRA project was an item of discussion. The increase in acreage requested by the company as well as how the revenue from the solar projects will be distributed to the taxing entities was considered and questioned by board members.

The regular session began at 7 p.m. and Board President Tracey Johnson welcomed everyone to the meeting. Following the opening, Trent Huntsman from Westland Construction gave an update to the board and audience members. He spoke about the upcoming projects for the Emery High fields and Ferron Elementary.

Huntsman reported that they are staying on schedule and within budget. They are striving to have the football stadium ready for play on Oct. 1 for the homecoming game. The turf is expected to arrive within the week, and the lights and electricity to the announcers booth should also be available. The sod for the baseball and softball fields should be laid soon so that growth can begin before winter.

At Ferron Elementary, the masonry work should be completed by November or early December. The steel has also arrived.

Next, Supt. Maughan recommended the following names for hire, which were all approved unanimously by the board.

Jasalene Hakwell – First Grade Teacher, Cottonwood Elementary
Kialey Hatch – First Grade Teacher, Ferron Elementary
Courtnee Justice – District Secondary Instructional Coach
Josie Childs – Preschool Aide, Cottonwood Elementary
Karen “Alisha” Roberts –Special Education Aide, Green River High School
Kimaree Howland – ESL Title 1 Aide, Green River High School
Christella Lake – Social Worker, San Rafael Middle School
Tammy Payne – Teacher Aide, Huntington Elementary

Yvonne Jensen, Emery School District Secondary Supervisor, then spoke about minor changes to the District’s Specific Licensing Plan made by the state. This item was tabled until a later meeting as there are more hires upcoming for the district. Elementary Supervisor JR Jones said the District Special Education Policy and Procedures required by the State Board was approved by the Utah State Board of Education.

Opening report time on the agenda was done by Doug Mecham, Emery School District Supervisor, as he took the opportunity to introduce Jarett Gilbert, the new principal at SRMS. Principal Gilbert spoke to the board about the new testing to set base lines in language arts, math and reading. He also spoke about the self-testing to increase accountability for each student. The students will make goals and track their own growth.

Gilbert then spoke about changes to the BARK (Behavior, Attitude, Responsibility, Kindness) program. He was happy to welcome social worker Christella Lake to the staff at the school. He is concerned about needing more aides and substitute teachers.

Superintendent Maughan’s report was one of gratitude for district employees and wishes for a successful school year. He remarked that this is his favorite time of the year with so much to look forward to.

To conclude, Allred announced a $20,000 scholarship that was donated to the district by S. Gale and Verna Chapman. It is to be used in the amount of $1,000 each year for a student needing financial assistance to further their education.

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