Controversy in Cleveland Over City Property Bid


On July 10, the Cleveland Town Council received two bids for section of city property that was up for sale behind the fire station. Prior to the meeting, Cleveland had placed an ad requesting bids on the property with the intent to accept the highest bid.

The bids were opened at the July 10 meeting with the highest bid from Reed Phillips for $3,500 and the second bid from Terrill Rasmussen for $1,200. A motion to accept the highest bid was made. After a tie vote, Mayor Kobi Erni broke the tie with a “no” vote.

A special meeting was held on July 21 to discuss the issue. Council members listened to concerns from the citizens of Cleveland and from bidders Reed and Terrill.

After much discussion, it was decided to reject both bids and to get an appraisal on the property. After the appraisal, the council will put the property back out for bid.

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