Corbin Maxey to Bring His Exotic Animal Show to the Carbon County Fair


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Frank Ori of Carbon County Recreation visited the commissioners at their Wednesday evening meeting to present them with an exciting addition to the annual county fair. The fair, which will take place in early August, has plans to welcome Corbin Maxey and his exotic animals this year.

Maxey’s agent reached out a couple of months ago and expressed interest in the fair. When he was 12, Maxey was a performer on Jay Leno. From there, he has appeared on many late night talk shows as well as the Today Show. He is based out of Idaho and now performs at various county fairs.

Ori stated that the plan is to have three shows per day on both Friday and Saturday. The show will be housed inside the event center. Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner explained that he had reviewed the contract and did not see anything problematic with it. There is an amount of $4,125 to be paid, 50% of which would be due within 15 days of signing the agreement with the other 50% due following the performances.

The county would absorb the gate fees in return for the performances. Ori stated that they are planning for an amount around $5 per person and there will be seating for up to 500 individuals per show. Maxey will be present on Aug. 7 and 8.

“We want to make the fair a destination,” Ori expressed. “I think it will be fun for the community, fun for the kids.”

Maxey generally has large snakes, reptiles and other exotic mammals in his shows.

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