Cottonwood Elementary Students Compete in Annual Spelling Bee


Cottonwood Elementary Press Release

Multiple students recently took part in the annual spelling bee competition at Cottonwood Elementary. Students from each class participated in a spell off in order to compete in the school spelling bee.

The school spelling bee was separated into lower and upper class. The top three from the upper class went on to compete in the Emery County district spelling bee.

Lower grade spelling bee class winner’s are as follows:

First grade
Carter Sitterud
Lauren Mills
Dakota Orgill

Second Grade
Kalib Olsen
Ayden Rowley
Micah Hughes

Third Grade
Abby Morris
Will Stilson
Jaylynn Lindley

Lower grade school winners are as follows:

First Place- Lauren Mills
Second Place- Jaylynn Lindley
Third Place- Dakota Orgill

Upper grade winner’s that competed in the district spelling bee included Allee Sitterud, Treven Wakefiled and Alisa Robertson.

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