County Recognizes IT and Maintenance Staff for Help with Move


Commissioner Jake Mellor served as chair for the first time in a commission meeting on Wednesday. In the brief meeting, the commission considered several items.

The county recognized the IT department and maintenance department for their outstanding performance moving county entities over to the new county building. Sheriff Wood also recognized an employee that cleans the sheriff’s office for his outstanding work and made him an honorary deputy of the sheriff’s office.

There was a small disturbance as the commission ended its discussion of the fate of the old county building. The commission had discussed a Capital Project Administration Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State of Utah for the new District and Juvenile Court complex project. A MOU is an agreement between two or more parties that can be used in court if need be. It is more formal than a handshake or gentleman’s agreement. Chris Baker informally requested that the county not sign the MOU with state of Utah. Mellor suggested to Baker that he make his request in writing.

In response to the state of Utah’s new mandate that every county create a new county resource management plan, the commission approved an agreement with Mark Ward for the preparation of a county resource management plan, estimated to cost $9,000.

The county also considered to approve an agreement between the county and the Forest Service for repairs and improvements to Wiregrass Bench Road and Corner Canyon road. The need for repairs resulted from the Seeley Fire. The repairs will add larger culverts to the area that can handle more water.

The commission also considered and approved a lease agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County for the use of the Carbon County Recreation building. The building will be a benefit to the club because they will be able to expand their program to include children from the ages of six to 11. The club currently serves youth from ages 12 to 18.

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