Court Ordered Community Service Hours Lead to Community Beautification


CCSO Press Release

In 2016, the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Juvenile Probation Department, Carbon County Justice Court and the Seventh District Court of Carbon County teamed up to start a community beautification project that is being completed by community service hours that have been ordered by our local courts and judges. The hours and projects have been monitored by Deputy Probation Officer, Janey Campbell, Deputy Jesse Fausett and Deputy John Powell.

The community service hours are ordered by our local judges, including Judge Harmond, Judge Thomas, Judge Bunnell and Judge Carpenter. The program covers Seventh District Court of Carbon County (Drug Court), the Seventh District Juvenile Court and the Carbon County Justice Court.

In Drug Court, participants who are not working a full time job, involved in job search or attending school, are required to complete a certain amount of community service hours on a weekly basis. These hours need to be completed in our community and cannot be worked on private property. The Drug Court Judge can also order community service hours for participants as sanctions.

In Justice Court, Judge Carpenter may order community service hours and a fine or even allow the defendant’s to complete community service hours in lieu of their court ordered fine at a rate of $5.00 per hour.

At sentencing in District Court as well as Justice Court, the sentencing judge can include community service hours as well as a fine which at times can be worked off in community hours at a rate of $5.00 per hour. Obviously, all fines can be paid off in payments instead of community service hours but monetary payments cannot replace court ordered community service hours.

Since August of 2016, there has been over 65 participants in the program, 22 of which have already complete their community service hours. There are also approximately 30 juveniles who are currently working community service hours in our community.

Some of the areas that have been cleaned up are Cedar Hills Drive, 100 North by IFA, 100 South and 500 East, the walkway by Carbon Avenue, 100 West by the old food bank and East Parkway behind the canal.

Below are some of the before and after photographs of recent projects that have been complete in Carbon County.

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