COVID-19 Hospitalizations Rise in Southeast Utah


On Monday evening, the Southeast Utah Health Department announced that eight regional residents are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications. This includes six Carbon County residents and two Emery County residents.

Monday’s report also announced 177 active cases of the virus throughout the region, including 125 in Carbon County, 45 in Emery County and seven in Grand County. Of these, 66 have been reported in the past four days with 48 in Carbon County, 17 in Emery County and one in Grand County.

As vaccine distribution continues, the health department has reported 17,532 regional residents that have been fully vaccinated. This accounts for 48.23% of eligible Carbon County residents, 46.81% of Emery County residents and 64.34% of Grand County residents.

There have been 131 breakthrough cases of the virus, which are those that have become infected despite being vaccinated. This equals .671% of the vaccinated population. Of these breakthrough cases, two patients have been hospitalized while one has died.

With this data, Carbon, Emery and Grand counties remain in the high transmission level for COVID-19.

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