COVID-19 Vaccine Test Begins With a Plethora of Volunteers


It was reported that the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine test began with the first round involving an impressive 30,000 planned volunteers.

This experimental vaccine was created by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc and is listed as one of several candidates in the global vaccine race. Officials are working to see whether more individuals that are given “dummy” shots are infected than those that are given two doses of the actual vaccine.

The United States government is planning separate large studies of several leading vaccine candidates through the fall, each that will be in hot spots where the virus is continuing to spread.

Officials have stated that the company is producing millions of doses of the vaccine in the case that it receives Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA following this trail. It is possible that a vaccine could be available as soon as January 2021.

However, it is unclear at this time how long it would take for the vaccine to be available for all Americans that wish to receive it.

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