Cowboys and Cowgirls Gather for Wild West Shooting


Attracting cowboys and cowgirls as far away as Louisiana, the 9th annual Castle Gate Robbery was hosted over the weekend by the Castle Gate Posse at the North Springs Shooting Range.

The shoot, which takes place at the range’s cowboy town, featured 10 various stages reminiscent of a time with cowboys, saloons and plenty of pistols. Participants, dressed in period clothing and sporting appropriate aliases, took to such stages as an old time barbershop, a saloon, the town gallows and others to show off their work with various firearms.

64 individuals shot in this year’s event with only five of the shooters being local gunmen. The remaining 59 traveled from New Mexico, Arizona, Washington and Louisiana, among others, to participate.

“Everybody that came out there said it was a raging success,” the shoot’s match director for the event, Scott Olsen, stated. Olsen also serves as North Spring’s rangemaster as well as the Vice President of The Castle Gate Posse. Olsen also said how various cowboys and cowgirls feel the shoot is one of the best of the year they attend.

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