Creekview Begins School with Changes to Campus, Continued Emphasis on Student Involvement


Teachers at Creekview Elementary got right down to business the first day of school, outlining rules, expectations and outlines of what students will be doing this school year.

Carbon School District Press Release

For anyone driving by Creekview Elementary at the beginning of the new school year, they had to wonder what was happening. The school’s big grass field next to the church parking lot was all gone and curb and gutter was being put in.

We were so excited to welcome all of our Creekview Coyotes back to school this year,” said Creekview Elementary Principal Keith Palmer. “Things are a little different this year because the parking lot is under construction. We are very grateful that the nearby church has allowed us to temporarily use their parking lot. We look forward to our new parking lot being completed. We believe it will provide a much better solution for student drop off and pick up as well as providing a large increase in the number of parking stalls available to parents and other visitors. We appreciate the patience of everyone involved as we navigate the ever changing situation that comes with a major construction project.”

As students arrived on the first day of school, they, along with their parents, were greeted by staff on the school’s field as they walked from the church lot. Other teachers were on the playground excited to meet their new students and welcome them to school. Even with the changes, it was exciting to see teachers and students greeting each other with smiles and to watch students greet friends on the playground.

In the first week of school, students had the opportunity to go around the school and learn about our school-wide expectations,” explained Palmer. “They visited the playground, the computer lab, the library and the cafeteria as well as learned about expected behavior in the hall, bathrooms and during an assembly. At each location, students were given small tokens to welcome them back to school, which included Creekview Coyote pencils and notepads.”

They ended their tour around the school in the foyer of the building where they were told about the school’s positive behavior system and were given their school t-shirt.

We want to thank Utah State Eastern, who makes it possible for each student to receive a shirt,” stated Palmer.

Due to the ongoing construction, the school decided it was best to host its annual back to school night virtually. Teachers were joined by the parents of their students through Google Meet and teachers were able to explain classroom procedures and expectations.

It was a great success and we really appreciate all of the parents who took time out of their evenings to join us virtually,” said Palmer. “Each teacher presented two sessions to try to accommodate parents who have children in multiple classes.”

The construction has presented some challenges and caused the school to make some minor adjustments to its plans for the first part of the year. But, many things are still on just as they have always been.

We look forward to hosting parents and visitors for future activities. We will be having parent teacher conferences on Sept. 21 and 22, which will be accompanied by a book fair sponsored by the Creekview PTA,” he concluded.

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