Creekview Chiefs and Helper Rams Release Fish With Trout Unlimited


Helper Release. Photo by Taylor Frandsen

Trout Unlimited hosts a national program entitled Trout in the Classroom that enables students to observe trout from just eggs through the releasing process, learning as they go.

Creekview Elementary students are no strangers to the program, now having participated for two consecutive years. This year, Helper Middle School joined in on the program for the first year. The students in different grade levels were each tasked with different projects in conjunction with the trout and the learning process.

The time to release the trout came on Monday morning.

The Creekview Chiefs trekked to the fishing pond located at the Carbon County Fairgrounds while the Helper Rams journeyed to Gigliotti Pond for their release. While releasing the trout may have come as bittersweet to many of the students that have participated in the program, it is an essential step in the process and further taught the students about the life cycle of the fish.

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