Creekview Chiefs Do Their Part on Earth Day *Photo Gallery*


Friday morning found several students from Creekview Elementary School on the sidewalks as they did their part to celebrate Earth Day.

Six years ago Creekview student Xyler Ordner, who saw a television program about Earth Day, became intrigued with the subject and wanted to do something for the holiday at his elementary school. His mother, Veronica, took it up on herself to contact the school’s administration about such an activity. Though it commenced six years ago, students of the school to this day actively participate in activities dedicated to their planet on April 22 annually.

Various activities have been performed by students throughout the years including the planting of trees and seeds, art projects, recycling projects and clean-up projects around the school grounds and Price River Trail. Sutherlands has always been a proud sponsor of helping the students’ activities, providing anythinge from seeds to soil and even trees. Every year, though, students make an effort to walk to school to kick off the day’s activities.

Adriana Kutkas-Peay currently acts as the head of the Earth Day activities that, this year, included the school’s student government planting an array of flowers outside the school. Teachers’ doors were even decorated with hand-made flowers from recycled paper. The BLM also gave a presentation to the students at the end of the day.

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