Creekview Elementary Attends ESEA Conference


Last week, Creekview Elementary School Principal Keith Palmer was joined by members of his staff in traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Distinguished Schools Conference.

Principal Palmer explained that the ESEA is essentially the National Title I Association, which was changed to what it is now. There are three categories that are targeted by the association and Creekview Elementary was chosen for category I by exhibiting exceptional student performance and academic growth.

This was accomplished by the Creekview Coyotes receiving RISE test scores that were in the top 5% in the state of Utah. Palmer explained that there are other categories that schools are also recognized in, and those schools were also given the opportunity to attend the conference.

There is a lot of training that takes place during the conference, as well as celebrations and recognitions for the distinguished schools. Palmer stated that they also visited the NCAA Hall of Champions.

“We’re also still learning how to even be better,” said Palmer. Creekview staff stated that it was an honor to be able to attend the conference.

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