Students Enjoy Stay Up and Read Event at Creekview Elementary


On Friday evening, elementary school students from throughout Carbon County gathered at Creekview Elementary for an event entitled Stay Up and Read.

According to event organizer Melanie Fausett, a board member from Carbon School District, fourth and fifth grade students were invited to the event for a night of reading, games and food from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

“They brought blankets, bean bags, blankets, pillows and their favorite chapter book,” Fausett explained. “We read for about 30-40 minutes then played a game and ate snacks. The kids had a lot of energy and were very excited to be there. I have to admit that not a lot of reading was actually done.”

At the event, children had the chance to play games such as red rover, dodgeball and red light green light in addition to reading their favorite book.

“Kristen Taylor, another board member, also attended during the first half of the activity,” said Fausett. “She read two of her favorite pop-up books to the children.”

According to Fausett, approximately 55 students attended the Stay Up and Read event. Students from Creekview, Sally Mauro and Wellington elementary school all took part in the night of reading.

“The night was a great success and I am looking forward to hosting this again next year,” Fausett said. “We as school board members love to see student achievement grow and take pride in providing opportunities for this to happen. I also want to thank Mr. Thomas and the PTA for assisting me and helping to make this event happen and be successful.”

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