Creekview Students Get Excited About Earth Day


In honor of the 44th annual Earth Day, students at Creekview Elementary enjoyed a program to commemorate the day and focus on the importance of making the world a clean and safe place to live.

Members from the Bureau of Land Management as well as a representative from the Carbon County Green Team spoke at the event. The BLM focused on the importance of using lands responsibly, cleaning up garbage and putting out campfires before leaving a campsite. The Green Team stressed the importance of recycling and the positive impact that each student can have on the environment.

Also during the program, The Green Team recognized a talented student for her artwork submission that now graces the side of the green team recycling trailer at Creekview Elementary. Hannah Ludington, who is in third grade at Creekview, was given the honor of her artwork being displayed on the trailer. The school will use the trailer to recycle items such as cardboard.


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