Creekview students learn Utah history with hands on mountain man activities

Creekview Elementary fourth grade students spent Friday outdoors instead of in a classroom setting.

The day was not just fun and games, but a hands-on learning experience of what life was like for children in the early days of Utah.

Andy Jones and Doug Hall are active in mountain man activities and participate each year in the Mountain Man Rendezvous held at Ft Bridger, Wyo. each year. They volunteer their time to teach kids about hunting, animals, games and food that was part of that era.

Hot fry bread was a big hit and the students slathered it with the homemade butter they had churned in their classrooms the previous day. Students also learned how to throw knives and axes, played a ring toss game on deer antlers acting as posts.

The fourth graders have spent the year studying Utah history and the activities are a way to experience first hand some of what they have been reading about in text books all year.

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