Creekview Students Look Forward to Service Project Based on “The Candy Bomber”


Creekview Elementary students are learning about  the story of “The Candy Bomber” during their practices for the Patriotic Program, which will take place on March 5.

“The Candy Bomber” describes the story of Colonel Gail S. Halvorsen, an American pilot who dropped candy from his supply plane to the children of war-torn Berlin shortly after World War II.

The music students at Creekview are looking to perform a service project that would involve making parachutes attached to small pieces of candy. Students would appreciate community donations of bags of wrapped candy by March 5.

Also, the students are looking for ideas of where they can send the candy. There is currently a person students can contact at an Elementary school in Africa. However, they are still open to other suggestions. Please contact Vila Jewkes at (435) 636-0828 for more information or suggestions.

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