Crews Work to Prevent Future Power Outages


Approximately 750-800 Price residents were without power for over four hours on July 16. According to Price City, a main substation line failed and Rocky Mountain Power crews were able to temporarily fix the problem however, a brief break in power service is expected once the permanent fix is made.

Currently, the substation is operating smoothly with the adjustments made by power crews last week. Price City Customer Services Director, Bret Cammans explained that new construction in the past year has led to increased demand at the power substation. “The line made ground contact deteriorating the line feed,” Cammans explained. “That’s what caused last week’s outage.”

Price City officials and Rocky Mountain Power have been working together to come up with a permanent solution to the substation problem. Because the system is operating smoothly at this time, Cammans explained that the final repair will likely be made next week. “We are waiting until everything is in place and International Days is over before we make the final repair,” he stated. “A brief power outage will occur when the repair is made.”

Unlike last week’s power outage, the next break in service will be planned and expected to be brief. Price City will notify ETV10 News when the upcoming power outage will occur.



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