Crosscut Brewery Manager Receives Tourism Super Service Award


Awards were in abundance on Wednesday evening during the Carbon County Commission meeting. Following the employee of the month announcement, Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Henrie announced this month’s Tourism Super Service award recipient.

This month, the award went to Jean McManus of Crosscut Brewery. McManus works as the manager at the brewery and, before that, was at the Main Street Grill. She has been in the food industry in the county for several years now.

One incident in particular stood out regarding McManus, in which she was providing lunch for a meeting and was approached by one of the customers, who revealed themselves to be vegan.

What Crosscut was serving did not fit her diet, but the customer stated that McManus was very nice and caring, making her feel as if she was not a bother. McManus went in the back, made the customer something and then followed up afterward. She went even farther than that, asking the customer for ideas on how to put more vegan items onto the menu.

McManus was awarded with a certificate of appreciation as well as a $50 Amazon gift card.

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