CSD 3rd Graders Tour USUE Campus


Carbon School District Press Release

Utah State University Eastern (USUE) is always welcoming to the Castle Country community and its hospitality was extended to Carbon School District’s third grade classes recently. The third graders from Castle Heights have been going for the past four years. Castle Heights’ counselor Amanda Ori went with them last year and decided that the tour would be beneficial for all of Carbon’s third grade students.

“Studies show that the sooner students have exposure to college, the more likely they are to attend,” she said. This was the first year that all of the third graders in the district have had the opportunity to attend. 

Ori worked closely with the other elementary counselors: Chelsa Roberts from Creekview, Cassie Bailey from Wellington, Sandi Regruto from Bruin Point and Deb Worley from Sally Mauro. She also worked closely with Kevin Hurst at USUE all year planning and getting things ready for the visit.

According to Ori, the kids absolutely loved the visit. They loved flying drones and being able to learn about the different types of birds through biology. Other presentations that the students were able to attend were on physics, criminal justice, art and athletics. Students were also provided with a pizza lunch after the presentations and they all loved being able to pick what they wanted. 

“Sally Mauro students loved each and every session,” Sally Mauro counselor Deb Worley said. “The faculty were able to make each session age-appropriate and the hands-on activities were amazing! As an adult, I questioned whether or not it was a good idea to let the students fly expensive drones or let a student pull paper out from under glass items, but everything worked out as planned and the students loved the experience! The students liked learning about artists, taking and analyzing their fingerprints, seeing a live pigeon, looking at feathers, and looking for similarities and differences between a variety of birds. The opportunity to see one of their peers wear Emmett’s outfit and play multiple percussion instruments was so exciting for them. Even lunch: absolutely wide-eyed amazement about what was served.”

Worley heard students say things like, “I can’t wait to go to college,” “I’m definitely taking physics,” and  “When I get to college, I’m going to be Emmett!” That’s exactly the exposure students need to peak their interest in postsecondary education.

The Carbon Elementary counselors and third grade teachers are so appreciative to USUE, Kevin, and the staff and students who were there to present to the students.

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