Culture Connection Brings the Beach to Price City


By Aajah Breinholt

On Thursday at Culture Connection, Kahuna Beach Party, a musical celebration of the Beach Boys, performed and kickstarted the annual International Days celebration for Price City.

The band gave tribute to early 1960’s songs from the Beach Boys, The Four Seasons and the Eagles. Kahuna Beach Party brings fun activities to help involve their crowds like hula-hooping, conga lines and even a surf board riding contest. Band members include Teddy Tidalwave, Bodhi Mclovin’ Knoxville, Hang Ten, Riptide Spicoli, Cap’n Bill, Tommy Tsunami, Surf City Slim and Johnny Utah.

This performance brought the largest-ever crowd in Culture Connection history. The event also featured good food from Grogg’s Pinnacle Brewing Company. Also at the event, the Fallen Warrior Memorial was set up along main street next to the Peace Gardens.

On July 31, join the community for the performance of Mary Lou Steele and Jennifer Garcia for country music and old classics.

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