Culture Connection | Mountain Country and Route 89


Price City Press Release 

Carbon County and Price City present an Independence Day celebration that you won’t forget with two amazing performances on July 4 at the Carbon County Fairgrounds.

To kick off the show at 7 p.m., Mountain Country will take the stage to perform acoustic strings in the style of mountain bluegrass and classic country mixed into something that sounds new, engagingly fresh and enjoyed by all ages.

At 9 p.m., Route 89 will close out the night under the fireworks! They will bring their wide range of music dating back to the 60s, all the way to the newest hits with the lineup Steve Goulding, Mindy Stailey, Joey O’Barr, Tom Withers, Tim Rasmussen, Ryan Morris, Heather Jensen and Scott Kiester.

“We love what we do, and want more than anything to help create positive, memorable experiences for people within earshot,” said Route 89.

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