Cupcakes Bring a Hawaiian Luau to the Emery County Fair


Press Release 

Emery County Fairs’ Cupcake Combat 2014 was a huge success. Thanks to all the participants and to the judges. This year, 26 cooks from throughout Emery County brought their sweet cupcake creations to be judged and sampled.

This year, the cupcake combat was done Hawaiian Luau style. Contestants 18 and older competed in the Cuckoo for Coconut category, with Tabitha Kelly going home as the winner. Contestants 12 -17 competed in Cutie Fruitie’s with Braydon Lake taking first place. Contestants up to age 11 competed in Cocoa Maniacs and the winner was Tyson Thomas.

All ages could choose to put in the secret ingredient for bonus points. This year’s secret ingredient was SPAM and bakers found many creative ways to integrate the item into their creations.

This was the first year that Roxanne Jensen, 2013’s cupcake winner, was over the combat and she felt it was very successful. She explained that she took advice from judges and some of the contestants to improve the competition next year.

Some of the changes will be more points given if the secret ingredient is used, simplifying the judging sheets, adding a senior age category and giving ribbons to all participants.

Next year’s competition will be UFO’s, Unidentified Frosted Objects. Each age group will be given a spice to use and the secret ingredient will be marshmallow. For more information, email Roxanne at

Thanks to everyone who made it a success and a special thanks to the Emery County Business Chamber for donating $10 in Emery County Bucks to the winners.

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