Current Bookmobile Contract to End December 31, Continuation of Services Uncertain


Among a full and ambitious agenda, the Carbon County Commissioners, minus excused Commissioner Jae Potter, tackled the upcoming ending of the Bookmobile contract with the Utah State Library. This contract is fixed to end on the last day of this year, Dec. 31.

Commissioner Chair Casey Hopes reminded all that the commissioners had previously made the choice to terminate funding for the Bookmobile. The current contract is one that the state presented and would like to continue funding until the end of the year.

There is a need for notification on Nov. 13 to inform the state whether or not the county wishes to continue service with the Bookmobile. In working with the Utah State Library and per the current contract, there is no cost to the county for the Bookmobile to run.

At a state level, the entire Bookmobile program is being reviewed. As a result, all cost with the Bookmobile may change come January of 2019. Ideally, information regarding the review will be received prior to the decision date in November. However, commissioners did state that the county has nothing budgeted for the continuation.

There is a time frame of five months for the county, cities and other entities to work together and attempt to fill the gap and continue the Bookmobile services, which are utilized by many in the area. Commissioners approved services continuing until the end of this year through the state.

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