CVMS Honor Society Takes On Service Project


By Julie Johansen

The Canyon View Middle School Honor Society, under the direction of Justina Butler, was seeking a service project this fall. They contacted Lindsey Oman with Emery Caring for Kids and decided to help organize Thanksgiving kits for children in need.

The honor society set a goal to obtain enough food to fill 50 kits before Thanksgiving week. A contest was started near the end of October at Canyon View Middle School with sixth, seventh and eighth grade students competing against each other.

Posters to keep track of the students’ progress were hung in the halls and the food began to come in to the school. The kits needed jars of peanut butter and jam, cereal, mac and cheese, instant noodles, breakfast bars, individual snacks and fruit cups.

In the end, 45 kits were completed. Then, Jennifer Thomas, the school counselor, stepped in to bring the count up to 71 completed kits. Oman, the project director and initiator, was going help put the kits together, but she was pleasantly surprised when she found out that the students worked outside of school hours to complete the kits.

“What an awesome bunch of students,” Oman said.

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