CVSSD Assures Emery County Residents That Drinking Water Remains Safe Despite COVID-19


Press Release

Castle Valley Special Service District supplies drinking water to most of the residents of Emery County (excluding Green River). People may react to news of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by purchasing large quantities of bottled water. While we recommend keeping a four-day supply of bottled water for an emergency kit in case of a natural disaster, it is not necessary to purchase bottled water to prepare for COVID-19. Castle Valley Special Service District drinking water from the tap is safe, reliable, economical, and meets or exceeds all federal and state safe drinking water standards.

Much information is circulating about transmission and spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to assure you that the drinking water supply is safe. It is vital to emphasize that data from the Centers for Disease Control and the Utah Health Department have determined the virus is transmitted by air and spread person-to-person. There is no data to suggest water-borne transmission.

Our highest priority is the protection and stewardship of the water supply to maintain public health. We will always act transparently and communicate in a timely way with the public in the event of a disruption or compromise in water supply or distribution. However, this is not the case with COVID-19. Even in the event of a large, local outbreak of the virus, our water, sewer and stormwater systems would remain safe and operational.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office (435) 381-5333.

Please visit the following sites for additional and regularly updated information on COVID-19:

Centers for Disease Control:

Utah State Department of Health:

Jacob L. Sharp

District Manager

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