Damaged Headstones Create Cleveland Controversy


Debbie Oviatt of Cleveland asked Cleveland Town Councilmen to pay for headstone damage she said Cleveland Cemetery workers created.

Oviatt, who regularly visits the cemetery, said she spoke with a caretaker who said cemetery lawnmowers were causing the damage.

“This has been an ongoing issue for several years now,” Oviatt said. “I wish they would get it fixed or at least find a better way to do the job so more markers are not ruined.”

Oviatt said she contacted an attorney to about taking legal action to resolve the issue. Oviatt said the unnamed attorney assured her she could file a lawsuit if needed.

Councilmen said legal action wasn’t necessary, but questioned the Town’s ability to pay for repairs or new headstones.

Councilman Beth Mecham said, “If we give her money to fix the problem, other people will want us to put out more money to fix all of the headstones.”

Councilmen agreed to walk through the cemetery on Nov. 19 to assess the damage and try to figure out how to resolve Oviatt’s complaint.

2 Replies to “Damaged Headstones Create Cleveland Controversy”

  1. Travis says:

    Typical goverment response to this complaint. Instead of addressing the real issue their concern is paying for peoples headstones. If I had a company that I hired to mow my lawn and they were damaging my property while doing so they would be fired. At least the city ought to address the care takers and make them start behaving like they have some hint of profesionalism. If not they need to be let go. Most of these government employees are only looking out for themselves and riding out their time so they get that free pension that us tax payers pay for.

  2. Desertvarnish says:

    If water-wasting grass is cultivated on a desert cemetery, perhaps the best thing to do is let the grass die; if you can’t live without grass then require headstones be level with the ground so the mowing equipment won’t damage them.
    The request to repair or replace the headstone is just one more example of people who expect the government to carry them from womb to tomb.
    Pun intended!

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