Dancers Learn to Stand Out and Rise With USU Eastern’s SOAR *Photo Gallery*


By Traci Bishop

The USU Eastern Dance Team presented SOAR to the community on Nov. 2. Meaning “Stand Out And Rise,” SOAR was led by Bridget Goodman, Katie Miller, Elle Johansen and Starrlyn Mulford.

Welcoming dancers in the first grade and older, the event was hosted in the BDAC and the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center on the university’s campus for $60 per person. While in attendance, dancers took classes from highly-accredited dance instructors and professionals within the Repertory Dance Theatre, NBA, the former Presdient of the UDJA and owner of the Elite Productions Studios, and more.

Instructor awards were given during each class and skills were taught that would assist dancers in standing out and rising for this year’s dance season. Dancers also faced the opportunity of winning scholarships for 2020 SOAR by dancing in the SOAR Above improv competition, which was an additional $5 to enter.

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