Dashboard Created to View Search and Rescue Team Statistics in Utah


Stock photo courtesy of the ECSO

The Utah Search and Rescue Advisory Board released a new public dashboard, supported by the Utah Division of Emergency Management, for Search and Rescue (SAR). This new dashboard will provide a place for program statistics and data that is available for the public to view.

The program administers funds that are received through hunting and fishing licenses, OHV registrations and more to reimburse search and rescue teams throughout the state of Utah. On the dashboard, viewers can see reimbursement amounts as well as mission and rescue counts.

When searching for Carbon County, the dashboard gives statistics from January of 1997 to current time, with 134 total missions being clocked. Of those 134 missions, a total of 137 were rescued. In regard to the rescues, 65.9% were in-county residents and 34.1% were out-of-county residents. In Carbon County, there has been a total of 16,941 personnel hours and nearly $180,000 awarded.

In Emery County during the same time frame, there has been a total of 242 recorded missions and a grand total of 258 rescued. 21.9% of the rescues were in-county residents while 79.2% were out-of-county residents. There has been a total of 14,497 personnel hours and nearly $200,000 has been awarded.

The Utah Search and Rescue Financial Assistance Program acts to provide reimbursement to the search and rescue teams for all needs and is supported by the Utah Division of Emergency Management. To view the dashboard and compare Carbon and Emery counties to other areas in the state, click here.

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