Daughters Shines in Panther Defeat


Pictured: Pinnacle Junior Kaden Daughters attempts a free throw during his team’s faceoff against Wendover last week. Daughters led his team on Friday, notching 20 total points for the Panthers in their match against ALA.

Pinnacle Junior Kaden Daughters put up a total of 20 points Friday night in the Panthers’ nonregion faceoff against American Leadership Academy’s Eagles, which eventually led to a 56-46 loss for the Price-based high school.

Daughters also managed four rebounds and assists during his time on the court, while teammate and fellow junior Dalton Cook put up 10 points and grabbed 20 rebounds.

After grabbing a 16-9 lead by the end of the first, the Eagles held on and never let go. While the Panthers managed to put up double figures in the last three quarters, it wasn’t enough to secure a victory.

The Panthers will look to their next victory as they hit the road and travel to Telos Wednesday night.

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