David Dornan Honored at the Governors’ Mansion Artist Awards


Those that reside in Helper and the nearby areas likely know the name David Dornan for a number of reasons.

Dornan is not only a member of the Helper City Council and longtime Helper resident, he is also a renowned artist with great talent. He was recently honored as the visual artist at the Governors’ Mansion Artist Awards. These awards, which took place on Wednesday, welcomed Dornan to speak to an invitational crowd.

While speaking, Dornan spoke on his lifetime of teaching and working as an artist following dinner with Utah’s Governor and First Lady. This dinner was accompanied by Dornan’s fellow nominee in the performance and art category, Lisle H. Moore, who is a movie and television composer that resides in Highland.

Dornan is credited as playing a major part in shaping the current thriving art community in Helper.

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