David Palacios Withdraws from Carbon County Commission Race


David Palacios has withdrawn from the race for Carbon County Commissioner after moving to Salt Lake City.

Palacios explained that he was offered a job to run a crude haul trucking company in Salt Lake.

“It was quite sudden,” he said. “I had my last day in Wellington on Wednesday.”

The former candidate used to work for Savage Services in Wellington as the operations manager. After being offered the job, Palacios decided that the change would be a great opportunity for him and his family.

“It was bittersweet,” he concluded. “I had to withdraw from the campaign and that was painful. I would have really liked to get involved in all that and I’m going to miss Carbon County.”

Palacios explained that members of the community have been great about him withdrawing his campaign and he hopes people are understanding about his move.

Candidates remaining in the 4-year county commission race include incumbent Republican Jae Potter and Independent American Party candidate Daniel Butler.  


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