‘Day of Service’ Unites Helper


Citizens of Helper and surrounding communities gathered at Helper City Park for “A Day of Service” Saturday.

Volunteer of various associations and faiths cleaned up the Castle Gate Cemetery, Helper Parkway and Spring Glen Schoolhouse.

Volunteers also tackled over 20 smaller projects aimed at helping individuals throughout the community.

Neighbors who had seen a need and asked if they could help headed most of the smaller projects up. Gene Carlson noticed that his best friend James Beason’s porch was breaking off the house and he needed a new one. After planning, securing materials and finding skilled workers, they constructed a new porch.

Arlene Wilstead thought that someone else might have more of a need for help, but looked on thankfully as two area youths and their supervisor helped repaint her porch. A few houses down the road another crew worked to clear weeds and do yard work as well as put on a new screen for Eva Orton.

Chelsie Richardson and her family were helping to clear debris and trash on their 100 ft section of the parkway.

Richardson said, “We need to give back to the community,” and commented on how the projects helped create unity in the community.

Gale Crofts, who recently moved to Price, heard that there was a need and came to help.

Community members brought their own tools and gear to help clear the brush.

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