Deceased Miner Identified


Just after 3 p.m. Friday afternoon,March 22, the Emery County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a mine collapse at the Rhino Mine in Bear Canyon, 10 miles west of Huntington. One miner was rescued and another’s body was recovered approximately three hours later. The rescued miner was treated at Castleview Hospital in Price, and later released. He has been identified as Dallen McFarlane.

The deceased miner has been identified as 28-year-old Elam Jones. His mother, Julie Jones, is a Huntington City Council member and was a community spokesperson during the Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse. Elam leaves behind a wife and two young boys.

The Rhino mine was aquired by Rhino Resource Partnership in August of 2010 along with other assets from C.W. Mining Company. It is part of their Castle Valley Complex. Rhino Partnership also owns several mining operations in the east and other parts of the county. The Rhino mine is located about 10 miles up in Huntington Canyon.

No other details about the collapse are currently available. MSHA will be conducting an investigation.

Check back for more information as it is released.

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