Decisions, Decisions, More than Just a Budget Meeting!


By Julie Johansen

Huntington City discussed a myriad of items before opening its public hearing on its 2015-2016 fiscal budget.

Treasurer Ronni Torre presented three bids for the council to consider on the lease of a backhoe for the next three years. The decision to go with Wheeler was made because the cost and usage agreement presented to them from Wheeler was more economical and advantageous to the city’s requirements.  

Councilman LaMar Guymon presented specifications for consideration on a portable building to be used as an information center in Huntington City. It was a 10’x 14’ cabin-type building to be placed on a cement slab. The estimated cost was around $10,000. Other council members had several questions as to who would man the building, where to put it and security. The consideration was tabled for further study. 

A proposed inter-local agreement between Huntington City and Emery County for parking around the senior citizen center was not approved. A discussion ensued regarding vehicles on the streets and parking ordinances. The issue was tabled until a full council is present to make decisions.

After considerable discussion, it was the council’s decision to purchase a dump/snow plow truck on a lease purchase agreement. This truck will be used in various ways to help with city maintenance, including cemetery, snow removal, garbage and refuse cleanup. The truck will be leased for four years at which time it will become the property of Huntington City.

The chain link fence at the cemetery will be moved and placed on the city’s property line. It was decided that more bids are needed to remove the debris at the sanitation dumpster site burn pile, so this was tabled.

The TAP/UDOT sidewalk project was approved as the council felt that it needed to take advantage of the assistance UDOT is willing to offer at this time. Other sidewalks in the city will also be given consideration with funding coming from other road funds.  

A motion was made to open the public hearing on the city’s budget. As no citizens were present, the council made necessary adjustments and the budget was adopted. The council also adopted Resolution 6-2016, which allows them to increase new connection fees to meet the increase from the Special Service District to the city.

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