News tips lead to solving the Decker’s Bicycle Shop Burglary


It was early morning of August 4 when  Decker’s Bicycle Shop in Price was burglarized by two males wearing hooded sweatshirts. An undisclosed amount of money and  retail items were stolen during the burglary. Damage was also caused to the business by the suspects as they broke a glass window of the front door to gain entry as well as damage to the interior of the store.

Price City detectives began investigating the burglary, but initial investigative leads did not result in solving the crime.

On August 15 ETV10 news posted a story on their web site and also on the front page of the newspaper. The information was aired on the local channel as well as radio stations. Surveillance footage photos were shown to help the community identify the suspects. This generated anonymous tips to the police department, resulting in continuing investigative efforts by detectives.

Price City Police Lt. Bill Barnes said that over a dozen tips came in. There were many different names given, but one name seemed to be a common denominator. That juvenile was ultimately identified as one of the suspects.

On August 22, the crime was solved, resulting in the referral of two 14-year-old male juveniles to 7th District Juvenile Court. The referral information will allege a third degree felony business burglary. The juveniles are reported to have cooperated with detectives, involvement has been acknowledged and some property has been recovered.

The Price City Police Department added they wanted extend thanks to the media  for releasing the footage to the public and to the tipsters who came forward with information. This cooperation by local citizens is directly responsible for solving this crime.

Decker’s Bike Shop owner, Dustin Heaton was excited to hear the crime had been solved, but mainly he wanted to say thank-you to the community for their great support in this ordeal.

“I am impressed and appreciative to everyone who reached out and gave support and tips.” stated Heaton  .”I credit  the ETV10 newspaper article and the community support for helping solve this crime.”



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