Dedication Plaque Finalized with the Helper City Council


The plaque will be placed in the brick flower bed at the Main Street Park.

Lenora Callor visited the Helper City Council once more on Thursday evening for a follow-up on the dedication plaque that will be placed in honor of Neida Garcia and Lois Giordano, two women who have greatly contributed to the beautification of the city throughout the years.

The first item to tackle was where it will be placed. The duo came to the decision that they would greatly appreciate the plaque to be placed in the large, brick flower bed with the large pot that is located in the Main Street Park. A motion was made by the council the place the plaque there, which was approved.

The second item to discuss was when it would be placed. Callor decided to go with Aug. 10, a Saturday, which is coincidentally Lois’s birthday. She remarked that they could not have asked for a better date.

There will also be two names that will have honorable mentions. Callor has received approval from one and is working on the second. The small celebration for the plaque being placed will take place promptly at 11 a.m. on the aforementioned date. The community is welcome to attend.

“I’m all for acknowledging the people that have worked continuously to beautify this city,” Helper Mayor Lenise Peterman said.

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