Deer Hunt Gets Dangerous in East Carbon


East Carbon citizens approached the City Council on Tuesday with concerns about safety during the hunt.

Tammy Edwards and her neighbors said hunters were hunting close to and around their residences.

Edwards said hunters trespassed through her yard and on her properties last weekend during the hunt. The hunters crossed fences that read no trespassing and no hunting on property.

Her property is entirely within the city limits in which hunting is prohibited.

Edwards said she had missed the hunt the last two years due to surgery for her child and did not realize the situation.

Edward said, “The problem is people do not know where the city limits are.”

East Carbon City Police Officer Shawn Sackett said he and another officer were out Friday night and saw hunters everywhere.

Sackett said two officers and two DWR representatives could only write citations for a small portion of the violating hunters.

Sackett said, “I saw about eight or nine headlights coming toward us and we only [were able to] stop about three or four.”

Sackett also said that he noticed hunters had spent the whole day doing the right thing, but they couldn’t seem to help themselves when they saw the deer in town.

Councilmen motioned to contact the DWR to try to get the hunting boundaries changed near the city.

Concerns about hunters shooting toward the town and around children and livestock were also voiced. Some said hunters were shooting not more than 200 feet from residences.

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